Nakhchivan has been the place of many great thinkers, scientists and craftsmen

    Haydar Aliyev
    Aliyev Ilham
    Zarifa Aliyeva
    Ajami Nakhchivani
    Nakhchivani Najmaddin
    Nakhchivani Hindushah
    Nasreddin Tusi
    Nakhchivani Mohammad
    Fazlullah Naimi
    Aliyev Hasan
    Mammedaliyev Yusif
    Abdullayev Hasan
    Kangarli Heydarqulu
    Nakhchivansky Ismail
    Nakhchivansky Huseyn
    Nakhchivansky Jamshid
  Mohammed Shahtakhtinsky
    Shahtakhtinsky Behbud
    Mohammed Taghi Sidgi
    Jalil Mammedguluzadeh
    Huseyn Javid
    Ordubadi Mammed Said
    Kangarli Behruz

                                                                                                                          Haydar Aliyev

  Shahtakhtinsky Behdud agha

           Shahtakhtinsky Behdud agha (1881, Shahtakhti village of Sharur region – 30.5.1924, Tbilisi) – a diplomat. During 1905-1907 he actively took part in the foundation and activity of the union of the bureau workers in Baku. During 1917-1918 he was a member of Baku Soviet Executive Committee, the extraordinary commission of Baku National Commissars Soviet and chief of the Central Committee of “Hummat” Organization. In 1920 after the foundation of the Soviet Union in Azerbaijan (1920) he was a national justice commissar and at the same time, an extraordinary representative of Azerbaijan SSR in RSFSR. On July-September in 1920 he made comprehensive presentation to V.I.Lenin on Azerbaijan and the situation in the Caucasus, Turkey and Iran. The agreement on a military-economic union between Azerbaijan SSR and RSFSR was signed by V.I.Lenin and B.Shahtahtinsky (September 30, 1920). He was elected a representative of the 2nd congress of the Comintern. During 1921-1924 he worked as chief of the Revolutionary Committee of Nakhchivan, chief of the National Commissars Soviet Nakhchivan Autonomous SSR, National FKM Commissar of Azerbaijan SSR., a chief deputy of the National Commissars Soviet etc. He played important role in the Moscow and Gars agreements which were the essential stage of the acquisition of the status of autonomy of Nakhchivan in the territory of Azerbaijan. His steps in Nakhchivan issues made on the name of Nariman Narimanov in Moscow and his manner in Russian-Turkish negotiations positively affected in the grant of the autonomous status to Nakhchivan as an undivided part of Azerbaijan.