Nakhchivan has been the place of many great thinkers, scientists and craftsmen

    Haydar Aliyev
    Aliyev Ilham
    Zarifa Aliyeva
    Ajami Nakhchivani
    Nakhchivani Najmaddin
    Nakhchivani Hindushah
    Nasreddin Tusi
    Nakhchivani Mohammad
    Fazlullah Naimi
    Aliyev Hasan
    Mammedaliyev Yusif
    Abdullayev Hasan
    Kangarli Heydarqulu
    Nakhchivansky Ismail
    Nakhchivansky Huseyn
    Nakhchivansky Jamshid
  Mohammed Shahtakhtinsky
    Shahtakhtinsky Behbud
    Mohammed Taghi Sidgi
    Jalil Mammedguluzadeh
    Huseyn Javid
    Ordubadi Mammed Said
    Kangarli Behruz

                                                                                                                          Heydər Əliyev


Nakhchivansky Ismail khan

          Nakhchivansky Ismail khan Ehsan khan (05.01.1819, Nakhchivan – 1918, Nakhchivan) - a military official, general-lieutenant. He is the son of last khan of Nakhchivan Ehsan khan Kangarli and and the brother of  Kalbali khan Nakhchivansky. He finished Tbilisi Military Gymnasium (1839) and a year later he got first lieutenant title. Many years Nakhchivansky served in the Caucasian Detached Army and he got the titles of staff-captain in 1844 and colonel as a regiment commander in 1860. For his military bravery during the Russian-Turkish war, 1877-1878, he was honored with the title of a cavalry troop general-major. He was released from the army when he possessed the title of general-lieutenant and became occupied with construction work in his motherland, drew water to Nakhchivan, built underground water supplies and a cupola bath house, which is still maintained as a historical monument. He married his son Aman to Khurshud Banu Natavan’s daughter Khanbika and set the relationship with Garabakh khanate. He was awarded with the orders of 1st, 3rd degree “Saint Stanislav”, 3rd and 4th degree “Saint Vladimir” and the 4th degree “Saint George”. Russian writer Valentin Pikul in his “Beyazid” historical novel addressed to Nakhchivansky character and mentioned his bravery and military abilities. Nakhchivansky’s name is also mentioned on the first page of Soviet Military Encyclopedia. It is cited that colonel Nakhchivansky leads to the troops at the difficult battles during the siege of “Beyazid” city by Russians. In some researches Nakhchivansky Ismail khan was confused with his nephew Huseyn khan Nakhchivansky