Nakhchivan has been the place of many great thinkers, scientists and craftsmen

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    Huseyn Javid
    Ordubadi Mammed Said
    Kangarli Behruz

                                                                                                                          Haydar Aliyev


Mohammad Taghi Sidgi

           Siqgi (Mohammad Taghi Kerbalayi Safar, Safarov’s pseudonym; 22.3.1854, Ordubad – 09.12.1903, Garabaghlar village of Sharur region)) – an enlightener, pedagogist, poet and publicist. He got religious education and excellently learned classic oriental poetry and philosophy. When he was young he was occupied with trading and opened a café to support his family; this café was a like of cultural centre where gathered educated people and literature amateurs and operated as a library. Sidgi established “Akhtar” school (1892, together with enlightener educated Huseyn Sultan Kangarli) in Ordubad and “Terbiye” (“Mekebi-terbiye”, 1894) in Nakhchivan, became popular as a people teacher and was one of the main organizers of literary-cultural events and theatres. He is the author of 7 scientific-pedagogical manuals (“Numuneyi-ekhlag”, Tehfeyi-benat, or present for Girls”, “Brief geographic booklet” etc.). The manuscript of these works is kept at the Manuscript Institute of the National Scientific Academy of Azerbaijan named after Fizuli. Sidgi was also regularly occupied with literary creative activity. He was one of the active members of “Anjumani-shuara” in Ordubad. His literary heritage related to his pedagogical activity consists of ghazals (more than 300), the voluminous “Mesneviyyati-meneviyye” in verse, the story “Kabb Nasir” in verse, the literary-philosophical treaties “Heykali-insana bir nezer” (in 1912 this work was published as a book) ad more than 20 stories. Sidgi made the first ripe examples of the child prose in Azerbaijan literature. In his works known as ”School stories” (“Go on to school”, “The story of a satisfied child”, “Liar child”, ”Generous child” etc.) he indicated his enlightening ideas, pedagogical views and high spiritual – moral qualities in a literary manner. With his initiative A.S.Pushkin’s 100 years anniversary was celebrated at “Tarbiya” school (1899) and Sidgi made speech on this occasion (his speech was published as a book in 1914). Sidgi was also occupied with publicistic activity, and cooperated with the newspapers “The Tarjuman” (Bagchasaray), “The Akhtar” (Istanbul), “The Hablulmatin” (Kalkut), “The Kaspi” (Baku) and “The Nasiri” (Tabriz) etc. and published his articles. He initiated to issue “The Chirag” newspaper in native language.

        Mohammad Taghi Sidgi’s name was given to Nakhchivan State Puppet-show Theatre with the decree of the Supreme Assembly Chief of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic on “The celebration and memorization of 150 years anniversary of outstanding pedagogist, enlightener and poet Mohammad Taghi Sidgi” dated on March 11, 2004. With this decree it is planed that his memorial boards will be created at schools named after him number 4 in Nakhchivan and number 1 in Ordubad, his selected works will be published and other events will be organized.


His grave is in Nakhchivan.