Nakhchivan has been the place of many great thinkers, scientists and craftsmen

    Haydar Aliyev
    Aliyev Ilham
    Zarifa Aliyeva
    Ajami Nakhchivani
    Nakhchivani Najmaddin
    Nakhchivani Hindushah
    Nasreddin Tusi
    Nakhchivani Mohammad
    Fazlullah Naimi
    Aliyev Hasan
    Mammedaliyev Yusif
    Abdullayev Hasan
    Kangarli Heydarqulu
    Nakhchivansky Ismail
    Nakhchivansky Huseyn
    Nakhchivansky Jamshid
  Mohammed Shahtakhtinsky
    Shahtakhtinsky Behbud
    Mohammed Taghi Sidgi
    Jalil Mammedguluzadeh
    Huseyn Javid
    Ordubadi Mammed Said
    Kangarli Behruz

                                                                                                                          Haydar Aliyev


Zarifa Aliyeva

          The honored scientist of Azerbaijani Republic, doctor of medical sciences and academician of Azerbaijani Scientific Academy Zarifa Aliyeva Aziz was born on the 28th of April in 1923 in Shahtakhti village of Sharur region. She was Aziz Aliyev’s daughter and Haydar Aliyev’s wife. She graduated from Azerbaijan State Medical Institute (present Medical University) (1947). She worked as a scientific worker at Azerbaijani Scientific-Research Institute of Ophthalmology, senior lecturer, and professor of the Eyes diseases chair, head of the laboratory of vacation pathology of eye organs and head of the chair of Ophthalmology at Azerbaijani Doctors Improvement Institute named after (1982-1985). Z. Aliyeva did exceptional things in the development of the science of ophthalmology. She is the author of a lot of capacious researches on the analyze of trachoma widespread in Azerbaijan, the top vocational diseases in the world, especially eye diseases connected with the vocational activities in chemical an electron industries, of its prevention and treatment and the modern problems of ophthalmology, as well as one of the authors of the unique scientific works “Therapeutic ophthalmology” and “The principals of iridodiagnosis”. She wrote 12 monographs, manuals, about 150 scientific works, one invention and 12 rationalization proposals. Zarifa Aliyeva did many things in the training high-qualified medical staff. She was a member of the Presidium of the All-Union Ophthalmologists society, Soviet Peace Defense Committee, the Executive Board of the Azerbaijani Ophthalmologic Society and the editorial staff of “The Vestnik ophthalmologu” magazine (Moscow). She was awarded with the price of M.I. Averbach of the Medical Scientific Academy of the USSR (1981). Z.Aliyeva died on the 15th of April in 1985 in Moscow. Her corpse was brought from Novo-Devichya cemetery in Moscow to Baku and was buried in Fakhri Khiyaban (Honored Avenue) near her father’s grave. A bronze monument was erected on her grave. Z.Aliyeva’s name has been given to the Eye Diseases Institute in Baku, Nakhchivan city policlinic and a street in Nakhchivan. A recreation park named Z.Aliyeva has been laid out in Binagadi district of Baku. 

        Ajami’s creative activity strongly affected the architecture of Azerbaijan and the Middle East countries – Ajami’s traditions live in Blue dome in Maghara (1196), Gulustan bome near Nakhchivan (XIII), Garabaglar dome (XII-XIV), Berda and Selma domes (XIV) and in the tombs built by Turkish architect Sinan in Istanbul. During the construction of the monument on Nizami’s grave in Ganja the style of Ajami was used and the monument was built with the spirit of Ajami genius.

       “One-tenth of the century” novel by H.Ibrahimov and “He was the son of our mountains” play by Kemale was devoted to Ajami. His 850 years anniversary was celebrated on a large scale in 1976. Ajami Nakhchivanski’s bust was opened in Nakhchivan