Nakhchivan has been the place of many great thinkers, scientists and craftsmen

    Haydar Aliyev
    Aliyev Ilham
    Zarifa Aliyeva
    Ajami Nakhchivani
    Nakhchivani Najmaddin
    Nakhchivani Hindushah
    Nasreddin Tusi
    Nakhchivani Mohammad
    Fazlullah Naimi
    Aliyev Hasan
    Mammedaliyev Yusif
    Abdullayev Hasan
    Kangarli Heydarqulu
    Nakhchivansky Ismail
    Nakhchivansky Huseyn
    Nakhchivansky Jamshid
  Mohammed Shahtakhtinsky
    Shahtakhtinsky Behbud
    Mohammed Taghi Sidgi
    Jalil Mammedguluzadeh
    Huseyn Javid
    Ordubadi Mammed Said
    Kangarli Behruz

                                                                                                                          Haydar Aliyev


Haydar Aliyev

       Since the beginning of Haydar Aliyev’s leadership to the republic a comprehensive economic conception was prepared, the reputation and productivity of the traditional agricultural fields and the foundation of the many-branched activity on the establishment of new production directions in the republic; the economic potential of Azerbaijan was strengthened as a result of the improvement and modernization of the industrial base of the economy. During his leadership to the republic (1969-1982) he did a lot of things to improve the management mechanism and methods, to manage strictly to implement norms and rules, to increase the labour and socio-political activity, to obtain positive outcomes in the development of agriculture and to increase the “Azerbaijanism” ideology, national spirit and national self-perceive, to bring the historical memory back to the people, to strengthen and implement the independent state ideas. As a result, during the first half in 1970-80 years was a period of rapid progress of socio-political and socio-cultural life of the republic and independent Azerbaijan was founded.

       While Haydar Aliyev was working in Moscow he always thought about Azerbaijan and lived with its fate and did all his best to introduce the native republic not only in the USSR but also in the world.

      Haydar Aliyev was elected a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of USSR (VIII, IX, and X summons), a chief deputy at the IX summon of the Supreme Soviet Union Soviet of the USSR, a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic (VII, VIII, IX and X summons) and was a member of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the republic and was awarded with the orders of Lenin (4 times), Red Star and a lot of different medals. He was granted with the name of Hero of Socialist Labour two times (1979, 1983).

      During 1970-1980, as a head of the delegation and member of the Central Committee of Soviet Union Communist Party and the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, he was in Germany, Vietnam, Korea National Democratic Republic, Romania, Yugoslavia, Italy, Egypt, Syria and India.

      In October in 1987 Haydar Aliyev resigned from his position due to the fact that he was against the wrong direction of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of Soviet Union Communist Party and personally Secretary General M.S.Gorbachov and became an opposition to the present government.

      On the occasion of the armed tragedy carried out by the soviet armies in Baku on 20th of January in 1990, Haydar Aliyev strictly criticized the armed aggression to Azerbaijan people I the representation of Azerbaijan in Moscow. As a sign of protest to the two-sided policy of the centre on Nagorno Karabakh conflict, Haydar Aliyev left the ranks of Communist Party of Soviet Union in July 1991.

       Haydar Aliyev came back to Azerbaijan in July in 1993, lived in Nakhchivan and the same year he was elected a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan. In 1992 he was elected chief of the constituent congress of the Yeni Azerbaijan Party in Nakhchivan.