Nakhchivan has been the place of many great thinkers, scientists and craftsmen

    Haydar Aliyev
    Aliyev Ilham
    Zarifa Aliyeva
    Ajami Nakhchivani
    Nakhchivani Najmaddin
    Nakhchivani Hindushah
    Nasreddin Tusi
    Nakhchivani Mohammad
    Fazlullah Naimi
    Aliyev Hasan
    Mammedaliyev Yusif
    Abdullayev Hasan
    Kangarli Heydarqulu
    Nakhchivansky Ismail
    Nakhchivansky Huseyn
    Nakhchivansky Jamshid
  Mohammed Shahtakhtinsky
    Shahtakhtinsky Behbud
    Mohammed Taghi Sidgi
    Jalil Mammedguluzadeh
    Huseyn Javid
    Ordubadi Mammed Said
    Kangarli Behruz

                                                                                                                          Haydar Aliyev


Haydar Aliyev

            During 1991-1993 Haydar Aliyev was chief of the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, a chief deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan Republic and took active part in the sessions of the Supreme Soviet. In the first session (February, 1991) Haydar Aliyev stated that he came to share the sorrow of the nation and be together with them in such difficult condition, to implement his civic duty and struggle for the liberty, objectively analyzed the socio-political condition in the Soviet Union, which was on the way of split as well as in Azerbaijan, mentioned several important principal ideas, made some offers, expressed his strict opinion about the reasons of political and economic crisis and the ways of their removal, revealed the reasons of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and showed the exact addresses of the accused. He said: “The central Committee of the Communist Party in power and Gorbachov, who occupied the power of the party and state is guilty on the present situation.”

        At the session of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan dated on 7th March, 1991 Haydar Aliyev expressed his strict opinion about the issue whether he was going to participant in the referendum on the suggestion of the administration of the USSR on the joint republics’ creation of a new union. He said: “I am against to enter a new union and to hold a referendum for this purpose. Azerbaijan Republic should go in its economic and political way and struggle for the full independence.” The referendum on the maintenance of the USSR was boycotted with Haydar Aliyev’s leadership in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, the three-coloured flag of Azerbaijan National Republic was declared as a state flag in the Autonomous Republic for the first time, the Russian soviet troops were eliminated from there, the tragedy of 20th January was legally and politically assessed and Nakhchivan provoked hopes among the nation, stating the examples of the independence and national state establishment.

        While Haydar Aliyev was working in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic he demonstrated the permanent resolution in the issues important for the people of Azerbaijan. The abolishment of Nakhchivan County Committee of Azerbaijan Communist Party as a part of the Soviet Union Communist party with the decision of the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (26 August, 1991) and the formation of stability and the democratic state construction in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic were gained as a result of Haydar Aliyev’s political experience and will.  In May-June, 1993, during the period of danger on possible state crisis, the civil war and lose of the independence because of the top stage of the anarchy and chaos, Azerbaijan people demanded to bring Haydar Aliyev to the power. It became a national movement. The present leaders of Azerbaijan had to invite him officially to Baku. On the 15th of June Haydar Aliyev was elected chief of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan and with the decision of the Milli Majlis (National Assembly) on the 24th of June he began to fulfil the authorities of the President of Azerbaijani Republic. 

         On the 3rd of October in 1993 Haydar Aliyev was elected the President of Azerbaijani Republic as a result of the national elections. On the 10th of October, during the inaugural ceremony Haydar Aliyev address to people: “When I take such very important and responsible task, first of all, I trust the intellect and power of Azerbaijan people. The Azerbaijani people’s expectations from me made me to get this position. I want to make sure that I will do all my best to justify these hopes.”